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Viofo High Endurance 256GB Memory Card

Viofo High Endurance 256GB Memory Card


VIOFO offers industrial-grade microSD cards designed for extended endurance, exceptional performance, and reliability. Specifically crafted for high durability applications, these microSD cards are ideal for dash cameras and action cameras. They are well-suited for harsh conditions, being waterproof, anti-X-ray, and anti-magnetic.

With transfer speeds reaching up to 100MB/s, these cards support Ultra HD 4K recording. You can fully exploit these ultra-high-speed transfer rates, ensuring that transferring files between the card and your computer is quick and seamless.

Consider our optional memory card recommendations: VIOFO’s industrial high-endurance microSD cards are optimised for dashcam recording. They provide greater assurance regarding compatibility and long-lasting durability, significantly enhancing your dashcam ownership experience.

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